A cosmopolitan reform

A cosmopolitan reform

The cosmopolitan character of this central Madrid apartment it is clear at a first glance; Not surprisingly, their owners, a young couple with a child, moved to New York for work reasons and used this home as a refuge during their frequent visits to Spain. Since it is easy to isolate oneself abroad, this couple felt the need to maintain ties with their country; This way they would always have the option of making a getaway to see their family and friends.

The location of the building, right in the center of the city, as well as its attractive architecture - with high ceilings and peculiar balconies - resulted in an instant crush on its owners. For this reason, and despite its compartmentalized distribution, they decided to acquire it with the purpose of carrying out a comprehensive reform.

The key to change focused mainly on bringing together environments to achieve as open spaces as possible. Given that it is an occasional home, it was not necessary to have large built-in closets or numerous rooms; Two bedrooms, a bathroom and a large room, which houses the common areas, make up a nice enough and cozy family home. The same happens with the equipment, organization and decoration of each environment; by dispensing with the usual, certain licenses were allowed, unthinkable in a conventional home. Highlights the objects of craving, the pieces from numerous trips and a blatant freedom that is reflected in furniture and details.

The comfort, origin of the renovation and main objective of the reform, acquires special importance in the bathroom, now absolutely new. Being the only one in the whole house, he was given enough meters to share it without problems. Conceived as one more room of the house, it offers more decorative details perhaps of the living room, next to refined sanitary design and traditional niches with glass shelves.

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The integration and recovery of the old balcony influenced the current decoration, especially chosen to highlight its presence. Sofa, by Ikea. Floor lamp, Light Years. Cowhide rug with silver finish, yellow pouf and cushions, from Maison de Vacances.

Bright living room

Few elements, carefully selected and well organized, make up the living area of ​​the house, where furniture and shelves were dispensed with; Thus the white walls reflect more light. Rocking chair, Vitra. Wooden furniture, from Concha Bay. Some paintings were purchased at Brocar.

Private exhibition

Details as special as a simple showcase next to the sofa, are what define the unique character of each space. This furniture, in fact, is an old medical cabinet that the owner restored and set aside to expose the memories of her travels. Above it, a collection of butterflies harmonizes with the set. White foot flexo, by Añoz Luz. The coffee table, by Antennae, is composed of an original metallic tray on wooden legs.

Communicated environments

The visual integration of the different environments in the same space was achieved, in large part, thanks to the choice of the same floor. The winning material was the Pergo, a synthetic wood finish that, being resistant to moisture, stains and burns, was also installed in the kitchen. Soil, from the Pergo firm, for sale in Tarimas del Mundo. Mesa, by Antennae. Carpet by Maison de Vacances.

The dinner room

On horseback between the living room and the kitchen, the dining room was equipped with furniture suffered for daily use; but at the same time, of recognized design, worthy of exposing. They are protagonists in the kitchen, which was furnished with cabinets finished in white and acid glass and steel appliances. Personal details prevail in the kitchen. Why not? Large-scale photos, collections and souvenirs are excellent decorative accessories.

The kitchen

Kitchen cabinets, from Forlady. Tulip table, in Vitra. Ant chairs designed by Jacobsen, in Vitra. Appliances, Bosch, Balay and Fagor. Accessories and utensils, from Cucamona, Los Peñotes and Antennae.

Main bedroom

A very suggestive decoration reigns in the master bedroom with details that provide the necessary calm and delicacy in a rest area. Mosquito net, from Ikea. Green Plaid, from Antennae. Flexo Tolomeo, from Artemide, in Light Years. Golden frames, by Brocar. Pictures of insects, from Cucamona. Pillows, by Antennae and Maison de Vacances.

Personal details

Sophistication does not always have to go hand in hand with design or avant-garde style: inherited pieces, jewelry, clothing or our favorite accessories can become the best decorative complement for our room. Carpet by Zara Home. Wooden bench with grid seat, Cucamona. Cushions, from Maison de Vacances and Antennae. The armchair in chocolate and the huge mirror leaning against the wall come from family inheritances. The white quilt was purchased in Texture.

Blank bathroom

After the reform, a fairly generous bathroom was achieved; His organization was based on creating a sensation of maximum amplitude with white coatings and chosen decorative elements. The result is perfect. Bright porcelain floor in 30 x 30 cm, gresite in the area of ​​the shower and washbasin model Althea. Everything, for sale in Azulejos Peña. Roca towel rail.

Washbasin area

Taps, from Grohe. Towels and cosmetics, Texture. Marcos, from Brocar. Chandelier acquired in an antique shop.


In the reform it was decided to maintain the openings, even some were expanded, but the doors were removed. The frame was also removed by painting everything in white, to favor the passage of light and its integration into the walls, painted in that color. The original thickness of the walls helped to highlight its presence.

The structural elements that the house owned were respected and rehabilitated, such as the niche that presides over the work area in the kitchen, decorated with a nice bust of stone cardboard from New York.