A current and fresh apartment in Castellón

A current and fresh apartment in Castellón

The decorator Fran Clausell is behind the change of this apartment. He has managed to take advantage of this house of the 70s, located on a sixth floor, in Benicasim. Its orientation is northeast, ideal for the summer months. The bedroom area is facing north, overlooking the Santa Águeda ridges, while the day area overlooks the sea. The constructed area is 110 square meters.

In the reform it was necessary to incorporate a bathroom to the main room, gain luminosity and a feeling of spaciousness in the day area and take advantage of the space with functional storage areas.

In interior design, a natural style was chosen, inspired by the Scandinavian countries, although with a Mediterranean touch through blue. Thus, wood and finishes such as sand and blue tones give it that warm and fresh air at the same time. The coatings also play an important role in this project, many of them coming from La Platera.

On the furniture it is possible to emphasize the quantity of elements designed and executed to measure to meet the storage needs of the owners. These are mixed with sofas from Koo International and pieces from other firms such as the dining table and chairs, from Vondom, or the terrace furniture, from Skyline.

Interior Designer: Fran Clausell Sustainable Interior Design -
Decorator: Ana Belén Mallol Garrido
Photos: María Rambla

Advertising - Keep reading under Integrated kitchen in the living room

Delimited in space but visually connected to the living room and dining room.

A room in sand tones and notes in blue

In sand and blue, very Mediterranean and fresh.

Very bright

After the intervention the needs of the owners have been resolved. More luminosity was achieved through matt laminated glass, light colors and translucent fabrics in the windows.

Passage area

Between the living room and the kitchen division.

Comfortable dining room

For the shades used.

Control brightness

The blinds sift the luminosity.

Current design furniture

In the dining room but also in the rest of the house but without rubbing minimalism.

In detail From the kitchen, dining room view

From the kitchen, dining room view

Total opening

The feeling of fluidity between the environments of the day zone is undeniable.

The terrace An outdoor lounge with all the details

An outdoor lounge on the terrace, decorated in the same line as the interior of the house.

The terrace seating area The dining room on the terrace

Table detail

The main room

The headboard wall is decorated with a decorative openwork mural in the space that leaves the inverted U-shaped closet that frames the bed free.

Detail of the cabacero

The lamps on the bedside tables hang from the structure of the upper cabinet.

Bathroom Sand With textiles that provide color A guest room

Decorated simply in the same predominant neutral line.

Bedroom detail A children's room in turquoise

Cheerful and dynamic

With study area under the window

On the turquoise background, notes in pink.

And also large warehouse capacity Wood and blue bathroom

Detail of the washbasin cabinet of another of the bathrooms of the house.

A corner of the hall