An urban and palatial 60m2 loft

An urban and palatial 60m2 loft


"A single demanding and thoughtful, passionate about freedom, cycling, nature, and little friend of conventions. A romantic of the 21st century who needed to reconcile his social and private life in the same space. "This is how the study Tiovivo Creativo describes the client who arrived at his office with a loft of 60 square meters, located in a Valencia office complex, which he wanted to reform to make his home. "The housing reform was integral, since it lacked coverings, pavements, and access to the upper part of the duplex loft, "explain the project's architects.

The house was divided into two zones, taking advantage of the different heights. On the one hand, the most public on the lower level, with the kitchen-dining room, cleaning room, guest toilet and gym. In the superior room the bedroom, the dressing room, the bathroom and the study area were housed. Both spaces joined "thanks to a metal staircase designed to connect them and perform, in turn, the function of TV furniture and support of urban garden on the outside terrace."

In the decoration, the studio wanted to reinvent and update the classic palatial style. Thus, we can find moldings, spike floors and noble materials reminiscent of stately homes and elements, such as a large table of ten people, vinyl with still lifes or classic portraits, hunting trophies made with parts of bicycles or swallows, which refer to the interiors and palatial gardens, but from a more current point of view.
Photos: creative roundabout / Fran Obrer

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Creative Tiovivo signs the reform of this house in Valencia. In the image, view of the loft from the kitchen. On the island, vases from HAY to Ikea.

Table for 10

Ele studio designed the kitchen island of 2 meters and an extra table that moves and can accommodate 10 people. The stools are the Vondom Spritz model.

At will

The kitchen without the extra table. Tiovivo design cabinets with Neolith countertop.

Still life

The still life is a Lamarka vinyl with a work by the painter Pensionante Del Saraceni.

Level up

Under the steel staircase of Tiovivo, Vicalhome's beverage cart.


The house was designed for a single athlete and with a romantic soul.

In the kitchen

The mobile table allows to expand the kitchen island ...

In the classroom

Or create a dining area in the living room. When the room is clear, it can be used as a TRX gym.

A king's body

Under the mirrors of Cristalería Campos Villalba and the Tiovivo bike hangers with Upcycling lathe, sofa by Karma Sofa.

To hang up

In the corner, String Light lamp by Michael Anastassiades for FLOS.

In the middle

Ikea rug and side tables by Zara Home. The blind also serves as a screen to screen movies.

The dark swallows will return…

Next to a lamppost, swallows from the Simple store that refer to the palace gardens.


A small work area has been installed at the foot of the bed.

Bed companions

As headboard, large vinyl of Lamarka with a detail of the portrait of David Johnston of the painter Pierre-Paul Prud'on. Adan bedside tables by Teresa Sapey for Vondom, wall lamps and Divia icon, Vesoi ceiling lamp and Ramiro Brothers moldings.

Go away!

On the floor, black and white porcelain floor tiles by FERRCOS. The front of closets is Tiovivo's design and the desk lamp is the Ikea Barometer.


FERRCOS porcelain flooring continues in the bathroom. Wardrobe design of Tiovivo, lighting of FLOS and, in the background, vinyl of Lamarka.


Walls, countertop and coating of the microcement shower.