A family house with interior patio

A family house with interior patio

Inspired by the distributions of yesteryear, this detached house It has a ground floor organized around a inner courtyard with a fountain. This glazed space, which becomes the epicenter of the house, acts as a natural skylight and a generator of freshness. A magnificent and exclusive rarity devised by professionals Freehand architecture studio, responsible for this and other good solutions, and architects of the house reform project.

The demolition of partitions - in whole or only in part - was an indispensable resource when it came to getting environments in succession, open spaces and fluidity of natural light. This communication also allows you to completely surround the central courtyard from one place to another without overcoming obstacles. In the living room, for example, it is the distribution of furniture and the different styles of these that set the tone and differentiate each of the areas.

The location of the bedrooms was reserved on the first floor, quieter, but also organized around the central courtyard. Special attention is drawn to the main room, very generous in square meters, and purposefully furnished with few elements. In fact, although initially it was thought to include the dressing room in this space, it was finally installed in the attic.

Having enough meters, it was possible to unleash the wishes of their owners, and make a large wooden headboard, inspired by a peculiar design that fell in love with them on a trip to Vienna. The bathrooms were another key point of the project; a very particular style was sought, with last generation materials but warm, and the presence of some retro element. The main, pure design, was equipped with a freestanding old-style bathtub but painted in blue; a whim of the owner with a very surprising result.

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Pop air details and psychedelic prints brighten the living room area with its colors. Here 60's furniture in black and white predominate. Eclipse nest tables, by Stua. Twiggy lamp, by Foscarini, in Light Years. Cushions, from BSB. Poster of Camel, from El Ocho.

Communicated environments

Two steps and a large sliding door make independent, only if desired, the hall of the hall of the house. From this angle we can appreciate the original furniture that was created on the sideboard with a hinged door that hides the TV and other electronic equipment. Letters in various sizes and colors, from Vintage 4p. Vitra sideboard.

Connected rooms

The retro-style pieces alternate with avant-garde designs and simple details that print today; A striking cocktail that makes every corner of the house unique. Armchairs model Coconut, from Vitra. Escabel in wood and lacquer, from Espacio Brut. Upholstered bench, Vintage 4p. Cushions, by Antennae. BSB carpet. The lamp and the table are designs from the 60s.

Living area in light tones

The entrance of light without obstacles and its multiplication, thanks to the walls painted in white, raised the level of clarity and made possible the choice of intense textiles and black furniture. Two seater sofa, Vitra. Cushion of Minnie, of the firm Trc, in BSB. Nest tables model Eclipse, by Stua. Carpet by Becara.

The colors, protagonists

The furniture, placed in different parallel planes, sets the tone for space, distributes it and distributes it to create environments. This original delimitation was created, for example, by taking advantage of the back of the sofa and the location of the sideboard; It is actually a flirtatious and wide passage area decorated with great care. Cloud armchair and coffee table, by Stua. BSB carpet. Vases, from Habitat. Singular rugs of large format and intense colors delimit the environments in succession.

Dining room with history

The owners had numerous old pieces and valuable furniture from family homes. This is the case of the dining room, of German origin, acquired at the time by the owner's grandmother. The richness of materials and the chandelier that illuminates it nourish the atmosphere with charm. Vases were placed on the table in Antennae, Ikea and Habitat.

Dining room connected to the patio

Communication between environments was a fundamental objective in the reform of the house. In this shot of the dining room you can see the opening that joins it to the office, as well as the glass enclosure that delimits the interior patio. Wise solutions proposed to facilitate circulation between spaces.

A very organized kitchen

A U-shaped distribution of the cooking and working area favors the circulation and use of the kitchen. In addition, by dispensing with tall furniture on the vast majority of fronts, the resulting visual amplitude is remarkable. Siematic kitchen furniture, for sale at Gunni & Trentino. Banking and kitchenware, by Ikea.

Dining room

Located next to a large window overlooking the outside, the office stands out as a bright and spacious space. Vases, from Habitat. On the table, vintage tableware 4p. White bowls and cutlery, from Ikea. The letters on the countertop are from Vintage 4p.

Bedroom with relaxing atmosphere

The original headboard to the ceiling, in natural wood and with integrated bedside tables, stars in the master bedroom. Lamps, Light Years. Bedding, Texture. Cushions, by Antennae and Becara. Pouf Mangas, by Patricia Urquiola for Gan.

Take advantage of the space under the stairs

A staircase leads to the attic where a large dressing room was installed, thus clearing the atmosphere in the rest area. The space under the stairs was used to place some practical shelves.

A very peculiar bathroom

Design coatings, furniture and sanitary dominate the main bathroom; Although the undisputed protagonist is the retro air bathtub. A blue finish model, perfect to introduce dynamism into the environment. Bathtub, in Gunni & Trentino. Towels, Texture. Taps, by Dorn Bracht.

Kitchen plan and ideas

- For the office we opted for an exclusive design lamp, which marks the style of the whole environment. It is a model made with one hundred pieces of heart-shaped glass made by hand in Mexico.
- The choice of colors and finishes also gives a lot of play. In this case, the predominant neutrals and whites allow you to bet on an intense orange for the design chairs and some accessories.