Field Aires

Field Aires


The eternal sunny days bring with them the fervent desire to leave home and flee the city, to take refuge in the open air and surround themselves with fields, forests and meadows where the pure air is at ease. It is right there where we dream of staying in an idyllic stone and wood country house and refreshing interiors of steamy curtains, white furniture and details in wood and vegetable fiber.

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The refreshing rustic style with summer touches crosses partitions to also stay on the porch. Here cane roofs and work benches mark an easy starting point to renew every season with full-color textile details. In this case the fiber and blue striped cushions to match the blanket of sea air advocate an atmosphere of the most desirable. Everything from H&M Home.

A dream porch

The materials used in the construction of the house completely define the most suitable furniture for the outdoor environments. After all, they are linked to the same space. If, as in this case, the porch has wooden pillars and a structure of stone and tile, wood and vegetable fiber will be the favorite materials to furnish it.

Country Details

Also abroad, careful details matter; locate a flirty corner near the entrance the house will act as an advance of a careful interior decoration. The excess of furniture and color for this task are plenty, the bet must be much simpler and bucolic. A garden bench surrounded by plants and flowers may be more than enough. Bank and planters, by IB Laursen.

Field stories

Painting the wooden ceilings and exposed beams in white is a success both for the clarity it provides and for the feeling of spaciousness achieved. In tune the decoration should be balanced and harmonious with prominence of Provencal air furniture in light and textile finishes in neutral tones. This is Laura Ashley's bet for this beautiful dining room.


The decoration at a picnic should always be provided by a center based on natural flowers; It is the essential complement. Here, in addition to a lush wild bouquet stands out in the decoration hanging lanterns and colored feathers. Accessories from H&M Home.

A very special corner

The furniture and accessories of braided vegetable fiber they return to force themselves as protagonists in country-style environments. Smoothed with details and white textiles are magnificent for example to shape a fresh and current reading corner. Furniture and accessories by IB Laursen.

A table set

A meal in the countryside should be presented according to the environment. In this appealing garden the whole table is coordinated with a table runner and a tableware of blue and white prints and a glassware in the same line. Everything, for sale in Greengate.

The coolest

When the sun heats up, it is a luxury to cool outdoors. A construction shower in the garden It is perfect for this purpose, even if we talk about a coastal area, it will be the ideal complement to remove the salt when returning from the beach. Emulating the colors of the field and the flowers, yellow, ocher and lavender blue decorate the area.

Placid Rest

So cool and peaceful nights in the countryside are often accompanied, inevitably, by annoying insects. For this, nothing like protecting the bed with vaporous tissues and a good fan; proposals in addition to very resultonas practices. Duvet cover, blanket and cushions H&M Home