The weirdest part of Monica's apartment in the Friends series

The weirdest part of Monica's apartment in the Friends series

It is always interesting (even exciting) when we discover a continuity error in a series or movie. There is something satisfactory when we are able to "catch" failures that the producers expected us not to notice.
Not even the favorite "friends" of the 90s were immune to these kinds of mistakes. In the Friends first season, Monica's apartment, where much of the series takes place, underwent a thorough and sure reform that you didn't realize.
Check out these screenshots, which are from the pilot chapter. Monica's apartment number is 5, right?

In this plan with Paul "the wine guy", you can also see Joey and Chandler's apartment across the hall, and he has the number 4 on the door.

Fast forward to chapter eight. Can you see what apartment numbers are now? If you look at Joey and Chandler's shoulders, you will see that his apartment is number 19 and Monica's is number 20.

The telephone call ultimately made sense. The workers in the series behind the cameras soon realized that the apartment numbers should reflect that Monica, Joey and Chandler lived on an upper floor, so the numbers changed, but is it fun to detect the error, or not?

Via: Good Housekeeping US