A loft in the purest New York style

A loft in the purest New York style

The professional look of the interior designers Arianna Barral and Joaquín Vázquez He discovered the possibilities of this apartment located in the center of A Coruña. The house, 35 years old, was in a state of deterioration that demanded its integral rehabilitation. ECS Reformas and Interior Design specialists demolished partitions, chopped walls and ceilings, lifted the floor and removed the original plumbing and electricity installations.

The new distribution, with open spaces or communicated with each other through doors with glass panels, It resulted in a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom and two bedrooms. The objective of the interior designers was to create environments that evoke the New York lofts bohemian style. To do this, they played with two elements: industrial materials and furniture retro air.

Thus, the walls were coated with white painted bricks and the floor, with a solid oak flooring - except in the kitchen, where a functional resin was installed, and in the bathroom, which was paved with marble. The carpentry joined the project with doors king size and a design inspired by the models of the early twentieth century. As for the furniture, original from the 50s and 60s, they add authenticity to a vintage decoration that convinces.

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The living area was furnished with two modules upholstered in white leather that allow multiple combinations: online, they form a large sofa; if placed in L, there is a sofa with chaise longue, and separately, as they appear on these lines, they facilitate the gathering. Roche Bobois modules, in Manel Decoration. Cushions, from La Victoriana de Mondariz.

Contrast of colors and textures

Unexpected elements are a plus that personalize the decoration. The white door of the living room that leads to the bedroom stands out among the walls painted in taupe and captures the attention with its height and its elaborate design.

Color notes in textiles

Designers Guild cushion purchased from the Buró Design store and lamp, from Zara Home.

Vintage stamp decoration

The furniture, mostly original pieces from the 50s and 60s - like the popular bookstore - give the decoration an evocative nostalgic air that humanizes it and makes it even more personal. De La Victoriana de Mondariz: armchairs from the 50s, with iron structure, reupholstered with sackcloth, coffee table, from the 60s and modular bookcase with metal structure and wooden shelves. Picture, by Isadora Art Deco. Carpet by Zara Home.

Salon with industrial aesthetics

The living area and the dining room follow one another in the same space. Only the pillars, which remember where there was a wall before the reform, mark a subtle border between the two environments. The absence of doors, brick walls and even winks such as suspended light bulbs made of steel cables, the spotlight lamp or louver blinds, enhance the industrial air of the New York loft. Lamp and blinds, by Manel Decoration. Picture supported on the floor and photograph of the dining room wall, by Isadora Art Deco. White carpet, from Zara Home.

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A charming dining room

It was located next to the living area, delimited by the two beams on the ceiling painted in taupe. The table is a design by interior designers Arianna Barral and Joaquín Vázquez, with an oak envelope and iron structure. As seats, different models of chairs from the 60s were alternated.

The dining room decoration

Antique pharmacy chairs and jars, from La Victoriana de Mondariz. The ceiling lamp is from Vibia.

The step to the kitchen

Detail of the black lacquered wooden door with glass panels that separates the living room from the kitchen. The door is made by the Carpentry Ángel Rodríguez Insua.

Kitchen in pure white

White also symbolizes cleanliness. Therefore, both the furniture and the tiles - with a rectangular design reminiscent of the bricks that line the walls of the living room - were chosen in this color. Wardrobes, from Santos. Countertop, from Silestone. Azulejos, by Porcelanosa. Bell, from Pando. Taps, Noken.

Bedroom decor

Where is the headboard? The brick wall and the picture have enough decorative power to replace it. The interior designers decided to eliminate superfluous elements to give more importance to the complements. Duvet cover, Zara Home. De La Victoriana de Mondariz: blanket, cushions, antique stool and flexo. Picture, by Isadora Art Deco. Ceiling lamps, by Vibia.

Original details ... and recycled

In the bedroom a stool serves as a bedside table and gives a charming bohemian air.

Tecno Chic bathroom with lines

In the bathroom, interior designers combined state-of-the-art sanitary ware, such as the hot tub, with retro cladding: white tiles with black joints and marble mosaic on the floor. On the sink, part of the wall was left untiled and painted in gray to highlight the mirror. Bathtub, by Systempool. Azulejos, by Porcelanosa. Ground, by Francisco Parada. Mirror, by Manel Decoration. Roca washbasin. Stone countertop.

Plane and ideas

- The white color is a safe resource because of its great reflective capacity. Hence it is present in the kitchen, in the bricks seen from the walls and in the passage doors. We also see it in the blinds of slats and, even, in the most bulky furniture, such as the seating in the living area or the bed.
- When the light flows without anything stopping it, the house gains clarity. If you have interior rooms, you may be interested in suppressing partitions to get a more open house. Another option is the doors with glass quarters: although they separate, they leave the light free passage.