A Chic & Cheap house

A Chic & Cheap house

Absolutely current, by providing the environment with an avant-garde and multifunctional structure, the reform of this Madrid apartment alone demonstrates the possibility of a transgressive change in low cost format and with results worthy of copying. The key has it Interior designer María López Montero -owner of the house and author of a decoration blog-, which based the changes on the previous study of the resources, materials and furniture available, giving them a new role after the works.

Starting from a generous imagination and a successful spatial vision, the distribution was completely altered in the search for better-used spaces, wider and without corridors. Now everything communicates and flows thanks to the repetition of finishes and colors that identify each element as part of the set. A visual integration that allows to include pieces of different styles and very varied times; for example, inspiration is conjugated vintage with the avant-garde, the functional pieces and small treasures of classic air that belonged to the family.

The sum of all this resulted in an excellent project that culminates with the incorporation of an extra room to its 120 m2, and the location of the kitchen within the living room. Is new succession of spaces, almost completely open, It respects the same decorative pattern close to the New York industrial look, with brick walls seen painted white, concrete pillars, retro-looking touches and an obvious predominance of the black and white binomial.

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A true recycling exercise was carried out in the decoration of the house, with the presence of both reclaimed and vintage furniture and more current pieces.

Upholstered chairs, from Batavia. Mirror cube tables, from Casa Nativa. Louis Ghost chair, by Philippe Stark, in Kartell. Comfortable, family.

Kitchen in sight

It is the materials that define the space for the kitchen. The contrast of the ceramic flooring, black, and the blank brick wall next to the personal selection of furniture give personality to the whole environment.
Kitchen furniture, by Kitchen Chic, according to design by María López. Yellow chair and stool, from Batavia. Blue chair and console, by Bharat.

Successful Mixes

Well-chosen mixes are a rising value that enriches the decoration with its stark contrast. Here a legacy antique dresser lives in harmony with the famous Louis Ghost chair designed by Philippe Starck.

Live the terrace

There are many mild days of blue sky in which to enjoy the outdoors; Therefore, we recommend taking advantage, even in winter, of outdoor furniture. You just have to treat them properly.

Full integration

The kitchen, completely open to the living room, was furnished and decorated with a special care. They emphasize the cabinets of refined and elegant lines combined with pieces recovered and restored by the owner. Kitchen furniture made by Kitchen Chic. Chairs, from Bharat and Batavia. All utensils come from Sandra Marques.

Restore your own furniture

Are you tired of that dark and outdated cupboard? Dare and renew it; You can give it a lighter exterior finish and dress it inside with striking wallpapers.

Balanced and functional

Symmetry, balance and sense of order
they are the keys to the work area, where the desk itself and the storage areas set the decorative pattern. The painting and the contrasts with the furniture were also a very successful decorative resource. Furniture and shelves made to measure.

Children's room

The intention in the girls' room was to achieve comfort for the little ones; for this they had to have enough space to play and store their things. Hence the choice of beds, wrought iron finished in white, dressed simply, and open furniture, in which everything is within reach.

The beauty of sloping roofs

The peculiarity of the well-carried structure enriches the final decoration, especially the roof windows as bright as they are charming. If you have one, it enhances its presence as a decorative element.

Stylish ideas

The striking brick partition acts as a headboard in the master bedroom. The set is completed by two lamps suspended from glass beads on bedside tables of marked character and different from each other; Decorative eclecticism is served.

Gain light

After the renovation, the master bedroom communicates with the terrace, allowing you to enjoy natural light throughout the environment. To enhance this advantage, the window was extended to the floor and dressed in a light sheer curtain sheer.
Plaid purple, from Zara Home. All cushions are from Casa Nativa.

Natural bedside tables

Trunk tables designed by María López Montero. The decorator's blog is

Visual games

Creating optimal sensations at home is easy: vertical stripes that move away the ceilings, light tones that reflect light or large mirrors on the wall to provide depth. What a success!

A bathroom with character

A casual style predominates in this original bathroom; From the tubular structure that holds the sink to the black painted wall that highlights the shelf are all details with rhythm that guarantee its own style, full of fun winks. Structure of the washbasin, by María López Montero. Coatings and sanitary ware, Ceramic Decoration.

Distribution plan and reform keys

- Carpentry restoration Original helped save expenses. Now the old cupboards of the hall are part of the bedrooms and their doors make private spaces independent.

- The primary resource of the work it was to lift the new brick partitions seen painted in white; in contrast to the wooden floor and the concrete pillars, they decorate themselves and save resources in the final set.

- In tune with the trend advocating the mix of styles, the interior designer took advantage of the furniture and pieces available, although updated, to achieve a better integration with other very varied designs.