Do you share a flat for the first time? Follow these tips to not fall into madness

Do you share a flat for the first time? Follow these tips to not fall into madness

Either because of economic needs, or because you can't stand loneliness, House sharing is one of the most popular options today. The problem comes when choosing roommates, and that is a full-fledged lottery. Come on If living with your partner is already a challenge, imagine doing it with several strangers

Because yes, assume it, tWe all have unbearable manias and routines that can be annoying to others, so to make living together as comfortable as possible (We do not say that your house looks like the Woodstock festival, just a place where you can breathe a certain harmony), you better take these tips and that you take things with a lot, but that very calm. Luck!

ESTABLISHING CLEANING TURNOS WILL SAVE LIFE: Something basic and necessary when you start to share a flat is to organize the cleaning issue.

That's how I scrubbed, like this, like this ...

Do it as you see fit: for days, for weeks ... But do it. Because otherwise, the disaster you will organize will end up requiring the intervention of the cleaning Chicote.

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VISITS, YES OR NO: That this point does not seem strange, because there are many people who do not tolerate receiving visits from others when they share a flat. And this is something we usually take for granted from the beginning and then, problems arise. So to avoid conflicts, it is best to make clear these types of questions when you meet potential candidates.

PARTIES AND NOISES TO EXAM: If you have decided that visitors are allowed, talk about the theme of parties and noise, because there is nothing more annoying than trying to sleep while your classmates dance the last theme of C Tangana as if there were no tomorrow.

The ideal would be to reserve the parties only one day a week, and from Monday to Friday respect a strict rest schedule, as long as you agree.

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ANIMAL BLESSINGS: If animals are accepted on the floor, but you are the only tenant with a dog or cat, you must be very clear that any damage caused by the animal will always be your responsibility.

And that includes having him fully guarded in the common areas so that he doesn't bother the rest of your companions (unless they are as animal-loving as we are, then they will beg you to leave the bug with them).

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THE FOOD, BETTER SEPARATELY: Another of the mistakes that are usually made when sharing a flat, especially when it comes to students, is to buy food together to save money. And it is not something that usually goes well, because there will always be one that eats more than another, or food intolerances that must be counted on. That is why our advice is that you only buy in common basic cleaning and hygiene products, such as toilet paper. In addition, the ideal is that you divide the fridge and the cabinets so that each one has its own defined site.

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