Create your little urban oasis and dress it to be practical, comfortable and beautiful

Create your little urban oasis and dress it to be practical, comfortable and beautiful

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Having an outdoor space - balcony, patio, roof, terrace - is to have a treasure. Condition it well and you will make it the dream place to spend a luxury summer.

You saw the party terrace

Do you have a family celebration? Take her to the terrace! Place a long table or two together and use folding chairs or armrests, so rescued. In addition, they are usually stackable and do not occupy anything in your storage room. Add colored balloons, cloth banners and, to illuminate, put Chinese paper lanterns at different heights. You will succeed.

Put cushions and mats, the most

Affari environment.

They are the star accessories to give life to outdoor furniture: printed pillows combined in a fun way - stripes and pictures, for example. If you add pretty mats, such as jute and hemp, you will have accomplished a lot with very little.

Vintage air terraces

Antique furniture is more fashionable than ever. If you have a worn wooden table or a metal chair from the 60s, do not get rid of them. Remove the rust (if any) with a barbed brush and apply anti-rust paint. Essential accessories to accentuate the retro charm? Vases with flowers.

With the sea as a horizon

What more can you ask for in a terrace! This one is from Leroy Merlin, with a wooden table and chairs and cotton carpet. The accessories put dynamism. To protect the furniture from the sun and saltpeter and restore it, you can use teak oil or marine varnish.

Create pleasant sensations with color and natural materials

Maisons du Monde environment.

It is the first rule when it comes to conditioning your terrace: transform it into your particular paradise. In this example, this pleasant environment has been achieved with the use of color and materials. The white of the light, the blue of the sea and the sky, and the natural tone, so balanced and serene, form a very summery color palette reproduced in furniture, accessories and textiles. All, in addition, are made of vegetable or wood fibers that provide that relaxing and casual atmosphere so attractive.

DUAL PURPOSE. A bench-chest with a trellis that supports. To store things and hang pots. Great idea!

First shadow

Eli Hotel.

To protect outside dining rooms, nothing like a good pergola. This is built with beams and wooden posts and a cane roof, natural materials that integrate well into the garden. In addition, the structure can be covered with plants and thus obtain a great "island".

LIGHT FLASHLIGHTS. Infinity of artisanal "fireflies" hang from the roof of the pergola.

Decorate with flower plants

Styling: Annie Schlechter. Pagie Mullins

Choose varieties that bloom in a staggered way, to enjoy color all year round, and place a trellis on the wall to support climbers. When you are absent, you can water them with a self-irrigation system: it consists of a reservoir that connects several capillaries that carry water to several pots at the same time.

Retro style: wicker armchairs and wooden floors

A neoclassical porch, very American movie. Have you always liked it? Do not deprive yourself and play it in your country house. It installs an outdoor pavement floor, which is placed without work on any solera: the tongue and groove floor tiles are fitted one by one by the groove and tongue system. As for the furniture, look for a set as romantic as this one with white wicker. To keep it perfect, you just need to clean it with soapy water and paint it when necessary with spray paint.

The candlelight

Everything is designed to create an intimate climate in this outdoor living room, of La Redoute: the sofas arranged in "L", the large carpet -which makes it more comfortable to sit on the floor-, the poufs ... and, of course , the lanterns with candles, placed here and there. If you want to reinforce this lighting but in an eco plan, choose solar lamps: they are charged by day and at night they project the "collected" light.

WITH ODOR. Citronella or lavender are mosquito repellent. To remove them, put scented candles.

Dare to mix rustic and chic

La Redoute environment.

Nothing is easier than achieving an ideal environment like this, combining rustic furniture - the wall bench and the bench - with modern pieces of full trend - the ceramic pouf or the wire sofa. Great!

Install decorative parapets

If your garden or terrace adjoins the neighbor's, place a lattice in which, in addition, you can plant a vertical garden. And if you do not have grass and you want a soft ground to be able to step barefoot, the artificial grass perfectly mimics the real one and is easily placed. It is cleaned with hose and withstand what they throw. As equipment, wicker and cane furniture, such as these from Ikea, do not go out of style and are ultranatural.

LIGHT FURNITURE: Simple to move, these retro models are adorned with colorful cushions.

Ride your chill-out with recycled elements and ethnic style

Would you like to equip an area of ​​your garden in a bohemian plan and also at the best price? See what a good solution is in this photo. To furnish, you can use some pallets - you can easily find them in any container - and build a sofa or coffee table with them (clean them well before). The complements, all of Very Much, are indispensable to create an informal atmosphere. You should never miss colored cushions, plaids, baskets and carpets of plant fibers, kilims of cotton, ethnic pillows ...

BASKETS WITH PLANTS: Placed on the ground or hung ... baskets of straw, esparto, etc. They are beautiful "planters."

They fit in any space

La Redoute environment.

Your patio or terrace is small? Opt for small furniture, but don't give up on them. Look at this example: a small table with wooden stools. They occupy a minimum area. Wood, in addition to beautiful, is a material that holds well outside, if you take care of it regularly with oils that nourish and protect it.