A cool and sunny house

A cool and sunny house

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To go from being a dark and sad house to another bright and cheerful one, you just have to take one step: make a reform. Here it was done, with an excellent result. The project of this detached house, located in a protected neighborhood of Madrid, entrusted to Juan Izquierdo Architecture and Interior Design Studio and the execution of work, to the construction company Genius Loci.

The objectives were visually multiply the real space by two, bring natural light to all rooms and enjoy the garden to the fullest. Reaching that ambitious triple goal implied numerous changes, since the house had a pillar in the middle of the living room and small rooms, which prevented seeing the garden. What was done was to modify the structure of the house; knock down all the partitions and open large openings in the load-bearing walls, to unify all the space. The pillar of the room was also removed by means of a structural attachment and opened in the rear façade, which separates the house from the patio, a large opening to install a large glazed enclosure, with doors that open outwards so as not to subtract surface Useful in the lounge.

With this last decision, the lounge can enjoy the views but it also seems much broader by prolonging the perspective. Another success of the reform is the distribution of the spaces and how the difference in level between interior and patio was resolved. On the ground floor the entrance has been located, from which the staircase, the dining room and a linear kitchen start; and then, there is the living room, at a slightly lower level for two reasons: increase the height of this room and reduce the difference from the garden. A great success because these small differences in level improve the perspective, especially from the dining room.

As for the decoration, the visual continuity between environments from the ground floor by using light tones on the walls and the stoneware floor in a grayish tone, but also the impeccable aesthetics of the kitchen, designed as a large wall cabinet with sideboard by Juan Izquierdo. Already on the top floor, two other designs of his are also focused. In the bedroom, it is a closet with grid doors and in the bathroom, an extra long washbasin cabinet. The reform of this house has united them to take more advantage of the space on the ground floor, which has been transparent. The kitchen is concentrated on a single wall, a short distance from the dining room, to respect the movement towards the living room. Successfully, the dining table was arranged in parallel. To integrate the kitchen into the decoration, it was projected as a wall cabinet, from floor to ceiling, with a niche in the center, in wood, which makes it a large sideboard that brings warmth to the environment. Its symmetrical and refined design raises the decorative level of space.

Advertising - Continue reading below Acrylic cloth tablecloth

The new distribution of the house, diaphanous, and the large glazing practiced on the facade allowed the fusion of the interior with the exterior. The visual connection of the living room with the outdoor dining room, protected from the sun with a pergola and climbers, is total.Table and chairs, from Piquer Galleries. The tablecloth has been made with acrylic fabric Spanish Way, by Gastón and Daniela, suitable for outdoor use.

Outdoor dining

Yes, to multicolored exteriors. This outdoor dining room wastes joy with its mix of colors. Combining furniture, textiles and accessories of different shades is key to giving a festive air to any environment outdoors. Table and chairs, from Piquer Galleries.

White vase

Very fresh. This white vase with frost effect is all freshness and a perfect complement to counteract the summer heat. To dress the table, tablecloth with acrylic fabric Spanish Way, by Gastón and Daniela, suitable for outdoors.

Green Velvet Cushions

With its opening out, the glazed leaves disappear from the view from the inside, so that the living room becomes an outside environment as soon as the good weather begins.
Coffee tables, from Stua. Cushions: green, velvet, and turquoise, by Gastón and Daniela;
and in pistachio tone, by Nya Nordiska. On the tables, candle holders, corals and vases, Zara Home.

Parallel sofas

In the zone of being the distribution of the sofas, in parallel, and the coffee tables, of organic forms, without edges, are key to make the circulation in the interior more fluid and the passage towards the patio. A great success, the difference in level between the two has the effect of bringing them visually.

Coffee table

Total Reform The project lowered the level of the room to increase the free height of this room, but also to reduce the difference in floor level from the patio. The result: the dining room space and the living area is delimited.

Seating area

Coffee tables give a lot of play in the living area; together or separately, they are also a nod to the difference in heights that exist in this plant, to which they provide dynamism. In the background, the dining room, with integrated kitchen wall to wall.

Corals and candle holders

Nice details An elegant composition and navy for the coffee table, formed by corals and candle holders, from Zara Home. Different shapes, textures and heights add style and arouse maximum interest.

Kitchen on the dining room wall

The kitchen, located in a wall of the dining room, is equipped with a custom wall cabinet, whose niche houses the ceramic hob and the sink. With its refined aesthetics and its white-wood combination harmonizes with the style of the environment it accompanies. Kitchen, design by Juan Izquierdo for Genius Loci. Chairs, from El Corte Inglés. Mesa, by Timothy Oulton. Lamps Gregg, from the Foscarini firm. Bosch oven. Tablecloth and utensils, from Zara Home.

Porcelain flooring

Located at a higher level of the living room and two of the patio, the dining room has a better view of the exterior. Through the façade and the wide interior span, it receives abundant natural light. To highlight, the same porcelain flooring, in large-format pieces of Keops Ceramics, which share the two environments, and that enhances the clarity and visual continuity between them.

Embroidered tablecloth

With charm. Other collage in a color palette soft, harmonious with the tablecloth embroidered with sheath, which conveys a sense of order. How? With an infallible formula: decoration in pairs.

Pink bedspread

The bed takes center stage with a custom headboard, which runs through the entire wall, and a flirtatious
mix of textile accessories, which squanders style and sophistication. Pink quilt, sheets and feather cushion, from Zara Home. Striped cushion, by Christian Lacroix, and flowers, both by Designers Guild, in Usera Usera. Fuchsia cushions, by Nya Nordiska. Bank bought in the Motor Market. Split, from Haier. Solid bamboo flooring, from Detarima.

Headboard with bedside table

Bedside table, and a closet on the opposite wall, which hides a TV, are custom designs that optimize space.

Grid-shaped closet

To highlight the second, the decorative grid formed by the doors that alternate vertical and horizontal crevices. Head and wardrobe are designs by Juan Izquierdo for Genius Loci. Lamp, Light Years.

Large washbasin front

The washbasin front stands out for its exquisite design and large dimensions. It consists of a maxi mirror with integrated lighting, a double wall-mounted faucet, which shares a sink, and a cabinet with drawers and symmetrical distribution. The color of the latter, harmonious with the pavement, conveys serenity and calm. Mirror Make me up and furniture Train, designs by Juan Izquierdo for Genius Loci.

Blue bathroom

Color trendy, to renew the bathroom. Blue is a classic combined with white, but the tone used here is very different; it's a soft cake, inspired, perhaps, in the Serenity blue, trend in fashion and decoration during 2016.

Housing plan

Floor plan of the house.