A chalet with a practical decoration

A chalet with a practical decoration

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This house is a luxury in itself. And for Ana García, the decorator in charge of interior design, it was a luxury to work on it. The owner was looking for a decor low costand practical since the house was to be rented, although with an air premium The style: Mediterranean. This way she would have a perfect house so that any tenant would feel at home and she would enjoy it comfortably in the seasons she spent there.

The result must be seen. In 20 days and with furniture low cost, the result is high!

Ana García, decorator.
Tel .: 693 390 826 -

Advertising - Keep reading below Living room and dining room

In the living room, white and gray. The touches of wood give warmth. The mustard touch animates the whole.

The living area

In the decoration of this environment, also natural fibers in textiles and carpets.

Simple and Nordic air

A sofa, two auxiliary seats and a low cabinet for the TV.

Detail of the living room window

The curtains, in linen.

The dinner room

In the dining room the luminosity prevails. The furniture, also simple. The protagonist, the chair DSW, from Eames.

Sofa detail

Detail of the sofa with the ladder in the background.

Detail of the dining room table and chairs

Space bounded by a carpet.

A set 10

Console and mirror, a couple that decorates without recharging. Mirror, by Maisons du Monde.

The pool

Private pool with departure from the lounge.

The terrace

The terrace: in white and blue.

An outdoor lounge The main room

In the master bedroom, type suite room, The blue tones stand out on a canvas canvas. Very Mediterranean

In white and blue

View of the rest area with carved wood headboard and hanging lamps on the bedside tables.

In detail

In a corner of the bedroom.

Other rooms for rest

Another of the bedrooms of the house, in black white and yellow. More contemporary All with solutions low cost

A third bedroom

Sand and blue tones for another room.

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