A renewal with a happy ending

A renewal with a happy ending

They had been renting for years, constantly searching for Murcia the flat that would make them fall in love to the point of buying it and making it one hundred percent theirs. That moment came when they crossed the door of this house of 90 square meters. The couple, a marriage composed of two professors of literature, knew from the outset that it would be the chosen place and decided to put it in the hands of the interior designer Ana García to make it a success. Their demands were that there were works by local artists and their friends in all the rooms, that it was a Nordic style, that would reflect their personality (the library in the lounge was a must) and that the new pieces would be integrated with those that they already had . A challenge with a fairly tight budget.

"It was an easy project, because they were advised from the beginning," he confesses. The owner wanted a round table in the dining room, surrounded by chairs Masters from Kartell, a piece that the interior designer loves and proposed in mustard color. While on the same page, it was not difficult to combine new pieces with the ones they brought from their old house ("the turntable was love at first sight," Ana explains) and with the finishes, such as doors and cabinets. The couple chose the works of art together with the interior designer, getting them to integrate perfectly into the project and, most importantly, that they were totally to their liking.

The result is an optimistic, serene and colorful house, with lots of light and places to read, well-communicated spaces and with character. "His friends enter the house and see his reflected personality and that, in the end, is the essence of a good decoration. Let those who live there feel at home," says Ana. A happy ending.
Photos: Nuria Sarabia

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A young marriage, an interior designer and a flat in Murcia of 90 square meters to reform and furnish.

They come from the north

The owners wanted their house to be a Nordic style and to reflect their personality. Also that the new furniture fit with what they already had. A challenge.

Reading corner

In the living room, custom-made sofa, coffee tables by Maisons du Monde and, between two Tolomeo de Artemide flexos perfect as a reading light, watercolors by Elena Calonje.

Inside. Day

The light was enhanced by placing light curtains on the windows.


We did not want to give prominence to the television area, so this area remained within a discrete color palette.

Ambient music

The furniture for the record player of Post Street It already belonged to the couple and serves as a link between the living room and dining room.

Knowledge takes place

The owners wanted a corner with a large bookstore.

Keep the suspense

Suspended shelving Triad from The goose, perfect for its growing collection, and rattan pouf and carpet by Maisons du Monde. Works by Vontrueba and Miriam Martínez Abellán.


Blues and mustards combined with white and gray.

Great authors

The owner wanted a round white table in the dining room with the chairs Masters from Starck to Kartell. The interior designer chose a table of Ikea and the chairs in mustard color.

Heat of home

"The interior of the wooden lamp, the eucalyptus, and the branches of natural cotton, provide the touch of warmth and color that the dining area needs, fitting perfectly with the fabulous chairs," explains Ana.

A lot of art

The works of the dining room are by Miriam Martínez Abellán.

Keep existing

View of the hall. The closet was already there and it remained very useful for leaving the coats.

Do a lot with little

The console belonged to the owners and was given a new air with some Zara Home handles. Vases and lantern of natural fibers from Maisons du Monde.

The first impression

They wanted the hall to be a summary of what is inside the house. The wooden bench was painted in blue and the work is by Cristina Franco Roda.

Decorative staircase

The staircase with garlands finished playing.

All to the white

In the bedroom we wanted to take advantage of the light and opted for a white look with colored brushstrokes. The carpet at the foot of the bed is from Maison du Monde.

Serene color

The headboard of the bed is The goose.

Touches of color

Set of quilt and cushions Zara Home

Bed companion

Lamps and bedside tables from Maison du Monde.

Intimate and personal

On a dresser by Banak Importa, the work of Ricardo López Iglesias.


In the background, the bathroom en suite.