Silvia Arenas, from

Silvia Arenas, from

Deco trends are part of your day to day, but which one would you stay with? Why? I love that, as in fashion, eclecticism is becoming increasingly entrenched. I believe in decoration with a personal stamp, in which my own tastes and trends are mixed.

Deco tips to decorate a holiday home on the beach wellEnhance natural light, do not stuff it with unnecessary pieces and play with refreshing colors and natural fabrics.

And if the house is country or mountain ... Integrate the decoration into the environment using native materials, such as wood, and landscape colors, such as toast, earth and greens.

With what function at work do you enjoy the most? When we offer members difficult-to-find products, inspiring images, deco ideas ...

And on a personal level, your happy moment of the day would you say is When I get home and meet my daughters.

What makes you always smile? The sense of intelligent humor.

What helps you disconnect?Walk by the sea.

What is elegance in decoration for you?Simplicity

Advertising - Keep reading below Silvia Arenas

Creative director of, online decoration club. He is in charge of the creative and communication department; also monitors campaigns, product selection, editorial content of the website ...

Very careful products

Five years in Spain and 2,750,000 members. What is your success based on? We have a very careful selection of products, of all styles, and with discounts of up to 70%. The attitude in the team, our Westwing spirit !, also influences, is a mixture of illusion, creativity, emotion, pride ...

Outside inside

And what trend will triumph this fall? It will continue strongly to integrate the exterior into the interior: lots of plants, details that evoke plant paradises
and animals, and artisan pieces.

Author's pieces

Tell us must-have details that mark style at home ... Art, an antique and a piece of author design.

Alvar Aalto,


Tell us must-have details that mark style at home ... Art, an antique and a piece of author design.

Design by José Antonio Coderch,

Emmanuelle chair

Your favorite deco piece and why do you like it? I love the Emmanuelle chair. It is a simple piece, but sophisticated at the same time.