Light and color in this beachfront holiday home

Light and color in this beachfront holiday home

Jonny Valiant

A novel decorative trend that has been called Surfer Chic chair every corner of this summer house located in front of the sea. The original choice of shades is already a declaration of intent. As a base, the White color, which refers to sea foam, a waterfall of colorful in cakes, typical of the 60s. The exuberance of oranges, yellows and turquoise are the chosen means to achieve dual environments in which relaxation, rest and fun reach the same importance depending on the time of day, the company or the state of cheer up.

These color licenses - suitable for a holiday residence- are those that provide dynamism to the environments; each one has been treated separately, although they have indissoluble connections with each other that make the house perceived as a whole. Highlights the employment of curious geometric prints in an attempt to retrieve the ornate florids that the dining rooms wore in the Sixties But it is the resounding presence of the dominant white that allows you to enjoy the idyllic exterior by enhancing the free circulation of natural light and softening the most saturated contrasts.

The private spaces of the house enjoy concrete ranges. The orange, undisputed protagonist, was chosen to convey spontaneity and unpretentious sophistication that few colors possess. Turquoise, used in almost all of the coatings, plays a very necessary refreshing role in A house designed and designed for summer.

Styling: Mona Ross Berman.

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The more serene and fresh white conveys calm and calm to the living area and makes it a favorite place for long moments. Extending the desktop or extending the quiet reading will be a real pleasure. The color in this environment emerges shy and suggestive without breaking the harmony achieved.

A terrace facing the sea Jonny Valiant

A novel decorative trend that has been called Surfer Chic chairs every corner of this summer house located in front of the sea.

Blank dining room Jonny Valiant

Design pieces populate the dining room that, at first glance, seems to be decorated in white almost completely. However, when approaching you can see the lacquered table top, decorated with colors. The chairs are the Eiffel model, designed by the Eames.

Original dining table Jonny Valiant

Original on lacquered dining table, decorated with brightly colored stripes. Multicolored details and utensils stand out as icas pieces on the purity of the dominant white.

Decorator's Tricks Jonny Valiant

The use of certain decorative elements is an excellent visual maneuver to highlight a specific corner. Here, a wall setback accommodates an extra area in the kitchen, designed to house the bar cabinet and a mini pantry. The upper part of the wall was raffia to make the difference even more.

Receiver Jonny Valiant

The creation of useful environments designed to live, play, dream and enjoy happen throughout the house. Starting with the hall, full of towels, beach bags and bath clothes ...

The kitchen as a meeting place Jonny Valiant

The way of life of its owners influenced the design and distribution of the kitchen. The summer period is ideal, and also your favorite, to invite family and friends, to celebrate informal dinners or makeshift meetings. The open kitchen, a dividing bar with high stools and the proximity of the dining room are the perfect setting to fulfill your wishes.

Laundry room Jonny Valiant

In this photo you can see the doors lacquered in orange that hide the washing area. A risky and spectacular bet, far from the traditional slides that go unnoticed.

White and orange bedroom Jonny Valiant

Orange, in all its range, revitalizes the decoration of the master bedroom without stridency. Far from the tones normally used in a rest area, the orange bursts strongly in this case. The absence of stridencies and the smoothness with which you saw the environment amaze; the combination with pure white and having dispensed with a third color are the key to success.

A sidewalk bed Jonny Valiant

Having a seat at the foot of the bed, as well as very decorative, is most practical to leave your clothes until the next day or as a shoe remover.

Bathroom with studied retro look Jonny Valiant

Sanitary ware and vintage air fittings, brass sconces and wallpaper with geometric patterns in turquoise blue are the hallmarks of the bathroom, which recreates sixties and conveys a feeling of luminosity and freshness.

Children's bedroom with sea air Jonny Valiant

The children's room, inspired by the cabins of the boats, is equipped with white bunk beds and a nice wallpaper with sailboats.