A very decorative DIY bug on your wall

A very decorative DIY bug on your wall

How many times we show you in our pages of the magazine in paper and in the reports of the web decorations with insects. On a table, on the wall, climbing up a book ... What is the bug that catches your attention? With this craft, idea of ​​the Ambrosia blog, you can shape the copy that you most want.

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- Marco fund (give a new opportunity to someone you have at home)
- Brush
- Wire
- Paintings
- Molding paste
- Pliers

Step 1. Mold the pasta

Cut a piece of white pasta to mold. You will need to have a container of water nearby to help you. Do you know the bug you want to do? Take a picture and keep it close to shaping the dough.

The birth of the bug

Gradually shape the figure, one piece. Use modeling tools or chopsticks and knives, which you have at home, to make indentations and notches.

Step 2. Legs and wire antennas

Once the figure is finished and before the dough hardens, cut some pieces of wire with the help of a pliers and insert them as legs and antennas.

Step 3. Paint

While the bug dries (at least for 24 hours), we prepare the frame. Here, it is painted in black with spray. Paint the figure in the color you prefer. Here in yellow with the head in black and polka dots.

In detail

If there is any part of the frame that is aged or dirty, paint it or clean it thoroughly so that it looks perfect.

Step 4. Hang up

It only remains to mount the frame, paste the bug and hang your composition on the wall.

Framed and all

A do it yourselfo original to give prominence to the bug you prefer.