These rooms are happier than the rainbow!

These rooms are happier than the rainbow!

In the variety is the taste, and when it comes to mixing colors, also the joy! Why there is nothing like a vibrant tone room to fill you with energy and good vibes. And if you don't believe it, check out our proposal ...

Advertising - Keep reading below A little bit of mustard

The mustard-colored sofa looks great with the diamond carpet, don't you think?

Pinterest: Eva Rosilio


If we are sure of something, it is that there is no happier room than this on the entire face of the earth!

Pinterest: Colors in my House

The more, the better

That is the norm that you should apply to the cushions on the sofa. And of course, make them multicolored!

Pinterest: Engaged Decoration


The combination itself is beautiful, but the scale-printed cushion ... Pure love!

Pinterest: Jesi Meschbein


If you don't get energized just by looking at this room, it's probably because you're ... a vampire!

Pinterest: Glitter Guide


Navajo prints with color contrasts are perfect to add personality and much joy to the room.

Pinterest: The Hamby Home


In a colorful style lounge gipsy they could not miss ... Juju Hats!

Pinterest: Joyce


With paint brushstrokes everywhere, the ideal room for an artist!

Pinterest: Engaged Decoration


A mixture of styles and colors of the most original, do not you think?

Pinterest: Trendecor

Long live Mexico

The Mexican decoration is very rich in colors, so if you want to try a different and very cheerful style, wear a mariachi!

Pinterest: Julie Aix