A modern and functional duplex

A modern and functional duplex

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Your enviable situation, in front of the beach, and its incredible views fascinated from the beginning the current owners of this Galician house decorated by Rebeca Terrón. In spite of all the changes that the interior of the house needed, they succumbed to their charms; had a very compartmentalized distribution, misused and with a multitude of shady spaces that led them to propose a complete reform. First, and given his passion for the sea, they turned the main facade into a huge window with the aim of contemplating the beach from all angles of being and, of course, enjoying the natural light until sunset.

The problem was how to sift clarity in the most intense hours without obscuring the area. The solution was to place some screen type roller blinds, a very novel fabric, excellent insulator of cold and heat and with a peculiarity: it is translucent from the inside but opaque from the outside, ideal for preserving intimacy. As for the works, the reform carried out in this plant was total: only the old storage room and the guest room were respected, which now has a built-in bathroom. The rest of the first floor changed completely, to Remove almost all partitions and expand the kitchen. In the being, which currently enjoys more meters, some fixed design elements were included, among which a wooden grid partition, which is not used as a bookcase, but as a separator between the living room and the hall. Also striking is a wooden panel that closes the living area and also adds warmth to the environment.

The kitchen was expanded to locate a practical laundry room and iron. The main reform of the first floor focused on gaining meters, which was achieved by incorporating the terrace. Thanks to this extension they could include two new full bathrooms and keep the three existing bedrooms; two of them with a shared bathroom and a third located in a separate area. This space, conceived as a small suite, has a very large bathroom with a great work shower. The corner that was won after incorporating the terrace, which is now inside the master bedroom, was used as a work area, fully glazed and with enough space to include a low bookcase. With this, a dream came true: work from home with the beach and the sea as a stage. A luxury accessible only to a few.

Advertising - Keep reading below The living room was located next to the window that communicates with the garden,

both to enjoy the views and to take better advantage of the light. It consists of two Grassoler sofas, a wooden and glass coffee table and a couple of armchairs from Andreu World. Everything, for sale in Terrón.

In the living area

Neutral tapestries and light woods predominate. Also included were some details in blue, such as carpet and sofa cushions, which introduce a cooler note. Everything can be purchased in Terrón.

Take advantage of the light

In order to make the hall's hall independent without losing light, a squared cherry wood panel was placed.

The dinner room

it was located, like being, next to the large window. Both the situation with incredible views, as the furniture, warm and comfortable, are intended to encourage long and pleasant tabletops. Balu table and Nancy chairs from Andreu World; Romo upholstery and wall cabinets of New Line. Everything, for sale in Terrón.

The kitchen furniture was organized in a U-shape.

The fronts combine white melamine, steel and wood in the same tone as the carpentry of the house. The tiling was replaced by wooden panels; except in work areas where steel plates were placed.

The main room

It was decorated in chocolate and orange. A very current trend. In addition, since there is not enough space for two large tables, two different models were combined: one with quite large drawers and the other formed by a simple glass shelf. Raffia headboard designed by Rebeca Terrón. Quilt, from Casa Alvarinho.

In one of the bedrooms

a chocolate-colored wallpaper plinth was placed that acts as a headboard without subtracting space.

Get more warehouse areas

it was a primary objective in the reform; That is why in the bedrooms large built-in wardrobes from floor to ceiling were made. In the foreground, armchair of the store Terrón.

In the bathroom

Two types of coverings were combined: a medium-sized white tile and navy blue tile in the shower area. This has a wooden platform on the floor, and becomes independent through a fixed glass. Washbasin cabinet designed by Rebeca Terrón. FLAT>

Color: 3 contrast tones

Bet on warm tones as a base, and add refreshing touches. In this house were combined: Volcanic Arena F 033, Solar Ray A 107 and Blue Iris B 033; All of Valentine.