A little wooden house on the tree

A little wooden house on the tree

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Cabanes als arbres It is located in the mountainous municipality of Sant Hilari Sacalm, in the region of La Selva. It is also known as Village of One Hundred Fountains since in its municipal term there are more than a hundred different sources. This population is organized around the massif of Les Guilleries, which, in turn, limits the south with the Montseny massif. The first is populated by oak forests and typically Mediterranean cork oaks on the hillsides and by oak and beech, in the shady.

Mineral water springs are frequent In the area, a unique opportunity to explain to your little ones the benefits of water for health and its cycle in nature and in the chain of life. In addition to the valuable historical and architectural heritage of the region, the Sau and Susqueda reservoirs, belonging to the Ter river, can be visited nearby. Precisely that of Sau will fascinate the children by the history behind it. Located in the municipality of Vilanova de Sau, in 1962 it covered the town of Sant Romà de Sau, being submerged under its waters. The remains of the village, especially the bell tower, are visible when the water level is low. In times of drought it is possible to visit the remains, which are exposed.

With the oldest emulate Tarzan in the Jungle Park of l'Aventura del Coll de Ravell, where you can climb and more. The routes are fascinating, whether you load the bicycles in the car, or if you prefer to walk on foot.

Address: Carrer Vallclara, 17403 Sant Hilari Sacalm, Girona, Spain
Tel .: +34 625 411 409
E-mail: [email protected]

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As if it were a nest, in full contact with nature, so are the cabins of Cabanes als arbres, rural accommodations, located in the Natural Park of Montseny, in Catalonia, which bring us closer to the forest and its ecosystem in an unforgettable experience for both children and adults.

Practical hangers

Hangers are also essential to hang excess clothing when the heat squeezes. Hanger, from Filocolore. Dress and elephant, from Nobodinoz. Printed cushion, from Filocolore.

A very natural stool

For the wood in a soft tone of its structure and for the felt that covers the seat, it is the ideal piece for an environment like this. It is from Nobodinoz, like the box on top. Why not spend the afternoon making muffins in the kitchen and taste them in the cabin on a magical evening in the light of the lantern?

A very natural bath

How to maintain some privacy in such an intimate corner? Here, a shower curtain conceals a very natural toilet, installed on a wooden structure that adapts to the corner. Shower curtain and towels, Texture. Stuffed octopus, for sale in Filocolore. Basket of colors and carpet, from Zara Home.

Copy the idea in your garden

If you have a small plot of land and a tree to house a small wooden house, build a shelter for your little ones where there is no lack of a terrace to enjoy the landscape and feel the nature in an eagle's view. Table and benches with star cushions and cars and cushions shaped like stones, from Nobodinoz. Red and pink basket, from Filocolore. Doll, for sale in Piccolo Mondo. Towel, Texture.

The entrance door

The cabin receives the most natural light through the sliding access door. This has a large transparent glass room from which you can enjoy the views of the Montseny and the Pyrenees, even when it is closed. Garland and water boots, from Nobodinoz.

Your pets

Among the holm oaks, cork oaks, oaks and beech that populate the Montseny massif, the strange thing is not to have the opportunity to enjoy the animals in their habitat. Place a birdhouse and you will enjoy the visit of one of these animals. This one, with moles, is from Nobodinoz.

A terrace enjoy the outside

It is not easy to see a centennial and robust oak grow in the home garden, with lattice branches that house the cabin of our dreams. We have to be realist. Give the tree a shadow a chance. You can build an elevated wooden platform with a small covered area. With some textiles and accessories you will achieve an ideal place for the adventures of your kids or for them to enjoy outdoor reading, as in this terrace decorated with a seesaw, cushion, wicker basket and stool, for sale in Nobodinoz. Stuffed elephant, from Coco-Mat.

The interior of the house

The trunk of the tree is the central axis of the cabin and crosses it vertically. This is accessed by a suspension bridge and a ladder. Inside, wood continues to be the main building material. Ideally, there should be no partition walls and thus make the space as profitable as possible. To avoid insect bites, it is essential to place a light mosquito net around the bed. Quilt and cushions in blue tones, Texture. Nobodinoz doll. Wicker basket and stuffed animals, for sale at the Piccolo Mondo store.

Decorative butterflies

The accessories inspired by nature blend with the environment. As an inn resting on the tree trunk, this paper dragonfly, sold in Nobodinoz, is the perfect decorative object.

A house to play

The main objective of a cabin is to share games and confidences with brothers and friends. Reserve an open area for meetings. A few cushions on the floor will be enough to create a cozy corner chill out style. You can place a play mat or a fiber mat to insulate the area from moisture. Cushions: shaped like a small house and printed with small stars, by Nobodinoz; The rest are texture.

Tailor-made furniture for children

As space is reduced, furniture should be light. A small table and chairs are enough. Coffee table and white chairs, for sale in Piccolo Mondo. Square cushion and wooden domino, by Coco-Mat. Star pouf from Nobodinoz.

The game is key in its development

This activity is essential in all facets of the child's evolution. How they enjoy playing kitchens! Do not miss a tea set inside the cabin, to prepare the snack. The one in the photo is from Coco-Mat.

Cushions everywhere

Essential accessories in a cabin: the cushions, allies of the moments of rest after an afternoon of mischief.
Washable textiles No matter how careful you are, when you are outdoors, it is inevitable that the soil will get dirty with dirt and mud. Choose cushions with washable fabric covers. So that they do not stain so much, choose to create seats with colored pallets. Nobodinoz doll.